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GARMIN EDGE 705のファームウェアv2.60が出ています



Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60:

  • Fixed occasional issue with Edge shutting down when scrolling through Saved Rides.
  • Fixed occasional issue with Edge shutting down when Mode button was pressed while following a Course.
  • Fixed issue where user could not change vertical zoom scale for a Course profile.
  • Fixed a problem where indoor rides in History could slow down access to Where To? menu.
  • Fixed issue with Advanced Workouts not showing up under Today when the workout is scheduled for the current day.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the most recent History would not be written out to XML until disconnecting and reconnecting USB.
  • Corrected the Average Power value shown for Entire Ride in History.
  • Removed filtering from power data stored in History files.
  • Made some corrections to the Polish and Portuguese languages.


【送料・代引手数料無料】Edge 705 心拍計、回転計付き

【送料・代引手数料無料】Edge 705チーム・ガーミンモデル【オレンジ×ブルー】心拍計、回転計付き